Brian Bulfer
Data Paintings 2008-10:

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Brian Bulfer 2009-10
Cosmic Sushi Roll
oil on canvas, 6'x8'



Each colored ring of the five discs represents a country where each disc measures the quantity of meat production (first at the bottom), agricultural land (second), taxation (third), barley production (forth) and coffee production (fifth at the top). The countries from center to the edge are as follows: United States, Japen, Germany, China, UK, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Russian Fed., India, South Korea, Mexico and Australia. 

Each crescent moon represents a value.  Full moons equal a value with five at the hundred-digit space, crescents coming from the left represent a declining value and crescents coming from the right side represent an increasing value from five hundred.  Each shift in crescents represents a shift from the hundred-digit space with each row representing a year and each column representing a month.



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Detail: Cosmic Sushi Roll
oil on canvas, 6'x8'
Detail: Cosmic Sushi Roll
oil on canvas, 6'x8'