Brian Bulfer
Data Paintings 2008-10:

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Brian Bulfer 2009
Catholic, Baptist and Lutheran Churches in Early America; German Philosophers; and the US Market
oil on canvas, 66"x66"



The number of Catholic, Baptist and Lutheran churches in early America before the revolution are represented by the size of either the rings of snowflakes, stars or molecular structures.  The number and abbreviation (CC, BC, of LC) for each decade ads in de-coding the information.  The different colored diamonds represent the life span of five German philosophers, which are labeled.

Each square of the spiral grid represents a year.  The year is lightly written down marking each decade. The dark blue squares of the spiral grid represent times when there has been a market recession and darker blue squares represent depressions. The pink squares represent times the US has been at war and violet squares represent times when there is an overlap of both recession and war.  

The size of the large blue square that houses the spiral grid and the small green rectangle at the bottom right corner represents the difference in the distribution of wealth between North America and the Middle East.  



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