Brian Bulfer
Data Paintings 2008-10:

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Brian Bulfer 2009
Wheat, Rice and Corn Production in China 1953-2006
oil on canvas, 54"x60"



Each colored square of the spiral grid is ordered on the spectrum where lower color frequencies represent lower values and higher color frequencies represent higher values.  Each year is represented by a set of nine squares grouped together.  Each set has three lines, which track wheat, rice and corn production in China at the hundred, ten and one thousandth digit place.  Starting at the center with the year 1953 and ending at the bottom right hand corner at 2006, each moon cycle marks a decade.  The symbol system aids in de-coding the color system and is based on the Brydlovan theory of the origin of numbers.  The rings of baby blue and pink stars are marking the important election years for the US and China.


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